Shopaholic versus Fashionista

Shopaholic versus Fashionista
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Monday, July 26, 2010

The most stylish mode of transportation...

Last week, when me and Ms Shopaholic went back from shopping, we're caught in the most fashionable traffic jam which was in the middle of Pavillion to Sungai Wang.

Why is this place is the most fashionable you might ask?...

Well its because left and right you will see all the designers boutiques standing tall and gracefully showing all the luxury items on their window. And you don't feel the hours caught in the jam looking at those fascinating designers collection.

And suddenly a question popped through my mind...

What is the most stylish and fashionable mode of transportation?

Well of course a car is the most stylish...but which type? I mean in real life?

So we start discussing and we come up with a few choices....

3rd place : Peugeot Cabriolet.
+ The big shiny Lion Logo on the front is irresistible!!
+ cabriolet = fashion baby!! 

2nd place : Mini Cooper
+Timeless Design
+Compact and nice posh interior
+Belong to the BMW family 

The winner for the most stylish car for fashionable people goes to... 

Volkswagon Beetle

Why we choose Volkswagon Beetle?
+ Its small and compact. Easy to find parking space especially in sale season.
+ Save on gas. So we can use more money for fashion..
+ Spacious interior. You never know how big is all that shopping paper bags sizes!
+ Large window. So people can see what we are wearing even when we are driving...:)
+ Many options of wear Blue apparel for Monday with White Beetle, Black apparel for Tuesday with Red Beetle.. Pink Apparel for Wednesday with Yellow Beetle...its like an accessory yanno!!...:)
+ And the most important is..its Timeless Iconic Design!!!!!!

But if you have loads of money to shop around like Ms Shopaholic, you might want to consider this instead..

but if you don't have enough surplus cash to throw on a Chanel Car...(or even a Chanel pin..)..

 Chanel pin : RM2000++


comfort and stylo jugak yolls!!!

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