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Shopaholic versus Fashionista
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Monday, July 12, 2010

Man bag?

I have a few messenger bags which I bought by myself and also gifts from friends. I love messenger bag as for me, messenger bag is a practical bag that I can use for everything and anything and most importantly it doesn't look so gay when I carry around...heheh.

What is a messenger bag?

FYI messenger bag was created from the influence of old era postman that carrying all the mail in the bag.

Fashion people has converted the idea into fashion and now you have loads of leading designer brand offering variety choice of messenger bag in many colors and style.
Currently I am carrying a Hogan messenger bag now.

So what is Hogan? Hulk Hogan?

Hogan is a new luxury designer brand that is under the big brand of Tod's which cater for a younger generation.

FYI currently this brand is only available in Europe.

Ok, back to Man bag...

Well I want to buy a new bag. A bag that look masculine and not too feminine. Not to say that I am opposing myself as a gay and trying my very best to look straight (duuhh!!)..but if I am wearing too feminine stuff, I'd look like a girl!!! hahhaha....

So I normally like to contra off some of my femininity with something masculine. Whenever there is a contra, there is attraction. Seriously guys, contra would make you look more interesting..:)

Don't believe me?

Imagine a masculine guy wearing a pink apparel, he would be so hot!!

Masculine guys in pink...

Drooling all over his pink undies rite?Really pop out the masculinity right? Truuja right?

Now lets look at feminine guys in contra at all!!!

Feminine guys in pink...

Not nice right???.....Femininity in pink??

Ok enough with PINK!!! make me sick suddenly,anyway... my task this month is to get a man bag that will contra off myself so I don't look like Sutun..hahhaha!!

Compared to him/her/Sutun, I would prefer to look like ..

Bill Kaulitz of Tokio Hotel...:)


 Hahahhaa...just kidding...

So guys...the key word is contra contra contra!!! .....:)

Ok guys, so remember,This week is all about Man bag for me...and lets see what our Diva Designer Reen Desire have to say about this!! What is her advise on this? Ms Shopaholic??

I'm truuja about this!!! aren't you?


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