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Shopaholic versus Fashionista
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Thursday, July 22, 2010

Comparison between Blackberry vs Iphone

Well, don't confuse yourself honey... both has their own strength and weakness, lemme break it down for you :-

Blackberry Bold
+ Smart looking, feel like a solid phone
+ Great display
+ Full keyboard
+ Leather at the back
+ Longer battery life and changeable battery
+ Camera with flash
- Smaller screen compared to Iphone
- Look like a normal phone
- No touch screen technology
- Normal application for phones

+ Stylish
+ Great internet browsing experience
+ Touch screen technology
+ Thousands of Iphone apps  to convert your phone to a media-fun-device
+ Very hi tech application
+ Big screen to view anything eg pics, youtube, website, as if its a small netbook

- Short battery life
- Virtual keyboard
- Camera without flash
- Unable to download xxx music file

Enough with the specification of the phone! Suddenly I feel suffocated..hahah. Since I am a fashionista,I'll talk about fashion and style comparison instead!!!

Blackberry case options

Amousu Blackberry Case
Hand made and stitch using exotic material such as crocodile, phyton, ostrich and lizards skin.

Gucci Blackberry Case
Black rubber Guccissima leather with green red green Gucci signature web

Sena Blackberry Case- Corsa Pouch
Made from Black leather

Believe it or not..there are not a lot of designer phone casing for Blackberry...which is a turn off!!. Lets see Iphone cases :-

Louis Vuitton Iphone Cases

Dior Iphone Case

Gucci Iphone Case

Prada Iphone Case

Anna Sui, Rick Owens, Marni, Dries Van Norten, Etro and Bless Iphone Cases

Kate Spade Iphone Case


Hermes Iphone Case!!!!!

Enough said!!!.....I think you should know which one to buy already!!!!

But again, between both, Iphone is more expensive compared to with the designer cases, I think you will need to spend about RM5000?

Well, there is a way for you to have the gorgeous Hermes Iphone case and the Iphone itself. 

Perhaps you should consider the latest Iphone 5g....


p/s : previously you like the rubber style on mobile phone right? hahah


Fashionista via Blogspot for Iphone 5g China


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