Shopaholic versus Fashionista

Shopaholic versus Fashionista
Fight for Fashion!

Thursday, July 29, 2010

MYVI still fascinating car

Despite all the stylist cars like Mini Cooper and WV Volkswagen Beatles. Undeniable true that these cars are the most fashionable cars on the road.. BMW pun kalah. However if i wanna own Mini Cooper, i wanna own this one;

Nevertheless, Fashionista was right that MYVI is still "stylo" and fascinating car for me, just stand on the Busiest streets in Kuala Lumpur such as BB or Jalan Sultan Ismail... you can count how many people driving MYVI.

The statistics show, MYVI are the most favorite cars in Malaysia.. some people said foreigners also like to drive MYVI... I saw some Mat Salleh drive MYVI also

Oh gosh i sound like Marketing Sales Officer for PERODUA.... eeeeewwwwww.

Anyway, there were some cars that I think Fashionista and I would like to take a ride one day with our newly TOD's handbags :-) and the winning car is;

soo Nok... jom i hantar you balik nak?

Monday, July 26, 2010

The most stylish mode of transportation...

Last week, when me and Ms Shopaholic went back from shopping, we're caught in the most fashionable traffic jam which was in the middle of Pavillion to Sungai Wang.

Why is this place is the most fashionable you might ask?...

Well its because left and right you will see all the designers boutiques standing tall and gracefully showing all the luxury items on their window. And you don't feel the hours caught in the jam looking at those fascinating designers collection.

And suddenly a question popped through my mind...

What is the most stylish and fashionable mode of transportation?

Well of course a car is the most stylish...but which type? I mean in real life?

So we start discussing and we come up with a few choices....

3rd place : Peugeot Cabriolet.
+ The big shiny Lion Logo on the front is irresistible!!
+ cabriolet = fashion baby!! 

2nd place : Mini Cooper
+Timeless Design
+Compact and nice posh interior
+Belong to the BMW family 

The winner for the most stylish car for fashionable people goes to... 

Volkswagon Beetle

Why we choose Volkswagon Beetle?
+ Its small and compact. Easy to find parking space especially in sale season.
+ Save on gas. So we can use more money for fashion..
+ Spacious interior. You never know how big is all that shopping paper bags sizes!
+ Large window. So people can see what we are wearing even when we are driving...:)
+ Many options of wear Blue apparel for Monday with White Beetle, Black apparel for Tuesday with Red Beetle.. Pink Apparel for Wednesday with Yellow Beetle...its like an accessory yanno!!...:)
+ And the most important is..its Timeless Iconic Design!!!!!!

But if you have loads of money to shop around like Ms Shopaholic, you might want to consider this instead..

but if you don't have enough surplus cash to throw on a Chanel Car...(or even a Chanel pin..)..

 Chanel pin : RM2000++


comfort and stylo jugak yolls!!!

Friday, July 23, 2010

Alright then..... a few words on phones

Amboi Amboi Amboi .... mulut dia!!!!!

Speaking of the huge number of specifications of BB and Iphone.. it's suffocating to me as well. Imagine someone in IT or in telecommunications actually inventing or conceiving of all these features... they must surely die young!

Last night, after I came back from White Wine Night with my two BFFs, I was gathering information on the differences between an iPhone and BlackBerry. Some have told me that these are just phones--you call someone, someone calls you, you text someone, someone texts you, and that is it. Most of the time, normal people don't spend so much time with their phones. I would go nuts if I wasn't trying new designer handbags and shoes... :-P

Damn it, I do sound like one of the characters in the rehab class scene from the movie "Confessions of a Shopaholic". Anyway, the below picture is my favorite phone of all time--my Nokia N71. I am proud to have it and I am still in love with it. :-)

Enough said. I know Fashionista would want me to have either BB or iPhone... therefore I have to make a decision, and before making that decision I want to share a few things which I think some of you may find it amusing. Imagine if your mobile phone looked like one of these...

or this...

or something like this...

and Mr. Fashionista, the most fashionable icon in Malaysia, what do you think if people used phones like these...

or for those "Rubber Band" lovers, you guys can do this...

... ahahhahahahah. Is this practical and fashionable enough? .. still not enough.. what about this;

LMAO.... I am still with my N71 and soon or later I got to do something--either have an Iphone or a BlackBerry. But anyway... those Iphone cases posted by Mr. Fashionista ... I can't resist.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Comparison between Blackberry vs Iphone

Well, don't confuse yourself honey... both has their own strength and weakness, lemme break it down for you :-

Blackberry Bold
+ Smart looking, feel like a solid phone
+ Great display
+ Full keyboard
+ Leather at the back
+ Longer battery life and changeable battery
+ Camera with flash
- Smaller screen compared to Iphone
- Look like a normal phone
- No touch screen technology
- Normal application for phones

+ Stylish
+ Great internet browsing experience
+ Touch screen technology
+ Thousands of Iphone apps  to convert your phone to a media-fun-device
+ Very hi tech application
+ Big screen to view anything eg pics, youtube, website, as if its a small netbook

- Short battery life
- Virtual keyboard
- Camera without flash
- Unable to download xxx music file

Enough with the specification of the phone! Suddenly I feel suffocated..hahah. Since I am a fashionista,I'll talk about fashion and style comparison instead!!!

Blackberry case options

Amousu Blackberry Case
Hand made and stitch using exotic material such as crocodile, phyton, ostrich and lizards skin.

Gucci Blackberry Case
Black rubber Guccissima leather with green red green Gucci signature web

Sena Blackberry Case- Corsa Pouch
Made from Black leather

Believe it or not..there are not a lot of designer phone casing for Blackberry...which is a turn off!!. Lets see Iphone cases :-

Louis Vuitton Iphone Cases

Dior Iphone Case

Gucci Iphone Case

Prada Iphone Case

Anna Sui, Rick Owens, Marni, Dries Van Norten, Etro and Bless Iphone Cases

Kate Spade Iphone Case


Hermes Iphone Case!!!!!

Enough said!!!.....I think you should know which one to buy already!!!!

But again, between both, Iphone is more expensive compared to with the designer cases, I think you will need to spend about RM5000?

Well, there is a way for you to have the gorgeous Hermes Iphone case and the Iphone itself. 

Perhaps you should consider the latest Iphone 5g....


p/s : previously you like the rubber style on mobile phone right? hahah


Fashionista via Blogspot for Iphone 5g China


Tuesday, July 20, 2010

BlackBerry or Iphone? Confusing....

BlackBerry and Iphone...both sound like very high-tech and also both are very catchy items to have. (I like all the catchy items and can't resist.)

As time passes, technology keeps advancing. The first hand-phone (sometime in the 1980s my hubby tells me) looked like this:

... hehhehehe it looks like car battery; does Mr. Fashionista want to carry this handphone around with his new Coach Bag? hehheheeh

The first time I saw a BlackBerry was when I was in Singapore with my hubby and I saw a sexy guy holding a very nice phone. So I took a closer look, thinking "...what the hell is this?" And I saw a BlackBerry label on the phone and I fell in love with it on the spot. But as you know I concentrate more on shoes and handbags. So I forgot all about that BlackBerry for awhile since at that time BlackBerry was not yet in Malaysia...(what a shame)... biasa lah kan. Malaysia is always last...hehehehhehe.

Now just look at this sexy thing, the BlackBerry:

And later... the Iphone came and it is sooooo trendy... and sooo fashionable. It will just complete me if I have it. Imagine you with your nice Prada or Gucci handbag and suddenly you are carrying an Iphone... people will definitely think that you are carrying a real Prada or Gucci bag and not some Chinese Triad knockoff!... HAHHAHAHA... right guys? Anyway, I do not want to say much more, so take a look at what an Iphone (3Gs model) looks like:

..... mmmmmmm take a look at the icons.... sooo gay..... :-)

I am in a dilemma right now.... which is the best? The Iphone is more expensive than the BB .... :-)

xoxoxox Ms. Shopaholic

Sunday, July 18, 2010

At last...conclusion on Manbag!!!

Well, at last, after much deliberation, we have come to a conclusion!! Finally!!

Me and Shopaholic went to Pavillion and rave through all those designers boutique, you name it...First to Gucci, and tried it out.

 The black medium tote did look big and bulky, but the material is fantastic, a coated Fabric with black leather trims. Its look a bit shiny but durable material.

The smaller totes also look good and the price is not bad but it does give me only one look as it is in the normal  Gucci coated fabric. It will look nice for weekend but I am not sure for office wear, especially when I like to wear dark color clothing.
The material is nice, very sturdy and with the GG logo allover, it look very nice.
The leather trimmings is fantastic for long wearing.
Its a Gucci honey!!!!  

Both totes do not have any detachable shoulder straps which is a bit turn off.
The compartment inside are limited.
The small tote have only 1 look.
The black medium tote are too big.

After that we also went to Prada to have a look at the bags. There is one bag that I like very very much.   

This is the latest messenger bag + totes from Prada. Made from Prada nylon straps, it does look and feel good . It comes with a detachable shoulder straps and have multi compartment. I like it!!! Its black and very easily can be wear with anything!!

But the price is a bit out of my budget which is RM4690.00. Thats expensive for a Manbag! And I already have a black bag, why do I need to have another black? Of course the design is different, but I want to have alternatives...

We walked out from the boutique and decided to have a summary and discussion on the best purchase. Currently, the one that will be a better choice and in budget will be the Black Gucci medium tote. So after drinking and having our lunch at Michaelangelo, we went back in to buy the bag.

On the same time, I decided to go to Coach to buy some gift for our friend birthday. After looking here and there, I bought for her a Coach Poppy collection leather wristlet. Its funky and cool...and it will match her easily...:)

She's happy with the gift..hehhehe

While going through the wristlet, I found out that there are some nice design man bag there in Coach. Coach really have a good taste in the design and colour of the bags. No wonder Shopaholic are very addicted to Coach!

I tried some of the messenger bags and it look really nice. There are 1 tote bag which I like so much and 1 medium tote bag with a detachable shoulder straps!!! The compartment inside are plenty and its long wearing material!!

 ' Dont you think the designs here in Coach are better than Gucci and Prada? I said to Shopaholic.
She smile and nodded her head. " You cant beat Coach design...its crazy beautiful!!' 

And you know, with RM3000, I can get 2 bag there..hahhaa...affordable fashion. I like!! I am trying a leather messenger + tote bag in black color which is very nice. But the only cons with the bag is that its kind of look similar to the one that I already have., the Hogan bag. Like Prada messenger+tote bag,  this Coach bag that I like also in black leather and they are running out of brown color.

Again, we discussed..... Gucci vs Coach .......and then a miracle happen....

We went out of Pavillion with a very happy purchase.....:)

This is a very good decision making process..:) I am happy with my purchase.

Want to know which one that I bought?...


 Coach Hamptons Tote Bag in Black with detachable Cream shoulder strap
Why we love this bag?
+ The design are unique and very easily adaptive to any style, to work or weekend.
+ We love the colour, and I like it in black...:) with black leather trimmings as well..
+ Multi compartment inside, a big zipped pocket, 2 phone slots and a small pocket at the back.
+ Detachable shoulder strap to convert from tote to messenger type bag.

+ Long wearing black canvas material.
+ On the budget!!
+ And its look Manly!!!

So, because of I am below budget, maybe I should buy another one in blue? :)

xoxo Smiling Fashionista with his nice Manbag...:)