Shopaholic versus Fashionista

Shopaholic versus Fashionista
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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Man Bag review by Ms Shopaholic

Man Bag.. Male Bag.. Man's Handbags... it does sound a little bit feminine back in 70s to 90s where most of men ( Straights or Gays) did not carry these type of bag with them. Most of the guys preferred Back Pack or Traveling bag when they are on travels.

Hey ya' we are in the 21st Century where every human being carrying something with them whenever we are outside our home. 

Enough Drama! I know what is the best Man Bag for you. 

Of course not a Back Pack or a Laptop Bag ... 

For Mr Fashionista, there are a few options; GUCCI, PRADA and TOD'S

If you speak GUCCI (and you are one of us...:)) these high-end designers are made in ITALY... my favorite heaven of shopping. Since I am a big fan of GUCCI, I recommend you to have Gucci bag immediately where it has style + quality..... and not so GAY! 

Obviously many gays have Gucci bags but the most important is its a GUCCI... what more can i say? Gucci is a very catchy item to have and make head turn on your bag and the owner..:)

Below are the few "Man-Bags" option for you to choose. Go to Pavillion. touch it and go buy them! You will make this world a better place...:)

Gucci Small Tote Fall Winter Collection 2010 : RM2470.00

Gucci Medium Tote Fall Winetr Collection 2010 : RM3000.00


The keyword here is Quality, quality, quality.....

Or you can get this bag, surely you'll look Masculine and cheap.....:-P

What say you? hahhaha...

xoxo....Ms Shopaholic..:)

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