Shopaholic versus Fashionista

Shopaholic versus Fashionista
Fight for Fashion!

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Breaking Fast Rules for Fashionable People

Well, well, well... Those pictures posted by Mr. Fashionista are an amusing and expensive proposition for breaking fast during this holy month of Ramadhan. However, it is perfectly acceptable for people like us (PLU) to savor the joy of fine cuisine.

After being with friends for "Buka Puasa", I have experienced bad food, good food and great food. Of course good food and great food will make me happy and those restaurants providing good food will more frequently earn our business. This will make the world better for business owners and consumers alike.

Beside restaurants or hotel buffets, there is also places in KL known as Ramadhan bazaars that provide food for breaking the fast. While these bazaars may sound somehow glamorous or even exotic, these actually are "NOT PLACES FOR PLU". They are dirty, messy and the food is completely disastrous. Beside this, the people at these bazaars are hopelessly unfashionable!

See what I mean?

Just imagine us scurrying through these people everyday just to buy a good "Murtabak" with our PRADA bags... I can't imagine!!

There are a few very simple rules for having a wonderful buka puasa with friends or family:

  • 5-star hotel buffets.
  • Restaurants which accept Visa or Mastercard
  • Restaurants which provide tissues and napkins from IKEA.
  • Restaurants which have suitably expensive (RM50 or up per plate) menus :-)

Do NOT visit-
  • Any restaurant serving Sirap Bandung.
  • Restaurants serving drinks only in paper or plastic cups. It will ruin your day, trust me.
  • Restaurants which only feature ceiling fans for cooling. We constantly need air conditioning so that our make up or hair will not get ruined!
Please follow these rules, and you will have an happy "Buka Puasa". If you disregard this savvy advice, here is what may be in store for you!

..... if you want to be size "0", you can do this after Buka Puasa. heheheh

..... or you can do this

.. and if you can't stop eating all the time, you will end up being this HAPPY.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Breaking Fast, Foods and Fashion

Selamat berpuasa to all our Muslim friends out there!

Sorry as lately I havent got the time to blog as you know its fasting month, everything becoming very slow and very tiring....The only time that we felt energized is when we are nearing the buka puasa time and then looking for the best place to break our fast...

And since I am a fashionista, a breaking fast place would be a complicated task...:)

That place must be:-
1. Convenient and comfortable place to sit in and have dinner
2. Simple food, not too much but delicious, must aim for size 0
3. Warm lights, I refuse to eat at any white light environment, it'll kill the color
4. Smoking area, with ashtray, preferably 
5. A place to be seen
6. Close or inside a mall, while waiting for the breaking fast time, you can go shopping first..:)

So there you have it, my 6 must have for breaking fast place, or at least it provide minimum 4 out of that 6 criteria...

Currently our 5 favourite, most suitable place which matched the above criteria will be...

1.Thai Express Pavillion = average RM20.00 per person 

2. Redbox Ria = average RM40.00 per person

3.Muar Restaurant = average RM20.00 per person

4.Madam Kwan = average RM30.00 per person
5. Redbox Plus Pavilion = average RM80.00 per person

But actually..we missed our fav spot....

Hmmm....the first place to chill out after Raya would be here definitely!!
Ohhh wait, what about Fashionista sahur eateries?

I need my beauty sleep....but in the same time, i'll have these small little wonder of foods.....

Hopefully with all that high sugar Chanel foods I would fall back to sleep and dream of having my next 'buka puasa' at this place....

Gucci Cafe Tokyo......

Walking inside, inhale all the vibrant good positive Gucci energy.....

Flipping through my order  from the Guccissimo menu....

After a small portion of Fashuonista meals, a special desert of course.....

And after completed all those fine dining, of course heading to the counter...

and take out some magic card from my new bag...

And head straight to the hotel....eehh..i forgot something
...hey! wheres Ms Shopaholic?




Tuesday, August 17, 2010

A View on Skinny Jeans!!

Since Mr. Fashionista recently brought skinny jeans to my attention, I thought immediately, "What is the difference between skinny jeans and tight jeans?" For me, both are the same and alike because they both show one's skinny legs, in a very Skinhead-like fashion... LOL

Anyway... I have been thinking a lot about the differences but I just dont know, to be honest. :-) The funny thing is, jeans are not only practical clothes for people everywhere, but also inspire the design of various designer fashion staples such as shoes and handbags.

Ah, well, since this was all said by my fashion icon, Mr. Fashionista about skinny jeans, have a few laughs about jeans, and consider this novel idea. What if jeans were used for nonhuman purposes? :-P cute right? hehhehe Mr. Fashonista can have it for Chocky :-P

aahhhh this is from IKEA for RM9.99... anyone interested?

This is from KARTEL for RM3999

This is so special... jarang dijumpai...Kak Mastura punya!!!!!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Skinny jeans?

Thanks to the supermodels,  nowadays everyone wanted to look longer,taller, slimmer and skinnier....and come skinny jeans which was created to give a slimmer visualization of oneself.

Truthfully me myself wasn't impressed with skinny jeans at it is previously being popularized and worn by skinheads!!!

And then on year 2000, enter Hedi Slimane, creative director of Dior Homme, which has revolutionized the skinny jeans, injecting glam rock into it and the fashion has nowadays become a pop culture fashion must have.

I must admit on that time..which was year 2004, I am very attracted to Hedi Slimane look and began to start wearing mostly black and white slim apparel  to get the look, which kind of odd that time...hahah

The fashion grew massive and other fashion houses has adopt to the Hedi Slimane skinny glam rock look until now... and then everyone everywhere all around the world started wearing skinny jeans...

And now there is a lot of style that you can match with skinny jeans, however be careful, there are do and donts in wearing the iconic skinny jeans...

Do wear skinny jeans with heavy tops...

Don't combine skinny jeans with rapper look!!

Do wear white black, blue or white skinny jeans...

Don't wear other rainbows color of the world...  

 Please check the skinny jeans cut and confirm it is a skinny jeans...

Carrot cut and mom jeans is not a skinny jeans alright!!!

Skinny jeans are a simple sharp look...

Do not over accessorize it....

And the most important of all........

Dont push yourself too much in wearing a skinny jeans!!!!!!! 

Skinny jeans are meant for skinny people....