Shopaholic versus Fashionista

Shopaholic versus Fashionista
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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

BlackBerry or Iphone? Confusing....

BlackBerry and Iphone...both sound like very high-tech and also both are very catchy items to have. (I like all the catchy items and can't resist.)

As time passes, technology keeps advancing. The first hand-phone (sometime in the 1980s my hubby tells me) looked like this:

... hehhehehe it looks like car battery; does Mr. Fashionista want to carry this handphone around with his new Coach Bag? hehheheeh

The first time I saw a BlackBerry was when I was in Singapore with my hubby and I saw a sexy guy holding a very nice phone. So I took a closer look, thinking "...what the hell is this?" And I saw a BlackBerry label on the phone and I fell in love with it on the spot. But as you know I concentrate more on shoes and handbags. So I forgot all about that BlackBerry for awhile since at that time BlackBerry was not yet in Malaysia...(what a shame)... biasa lah kan. Malaysia is always last...hehehehhehe.

Now just look at this sexy thing, the BlackBerry:

And later... the Iphone came and it is sooooo trendy... and sooo fashionable. It will just complete me if I have it. Imagine you with your nice Prada or Gucci handbag and suddenly you are carrying an Iphone... people will definitely think that you are carrying a real Prada or Gucci bag and not some Chinese Triad knockoff!... HAHHAHAHA... right guys? Anyway, I do not want to say much more, so take a look at what an Iphone (3Gs model) looks like:

..... mmmmmmm take a look at the icons.... sooo gay..... :-)

I am in a dilemma right now.... which is the best? The Iphone is more expensive than the BB .... :-)

xoxoxox Ms. Shopaholic

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