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Shopaholic versus Fashionista
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Sunday, May 8, 2011

Spring Summer 2011

Welcome back Ms Shopaholic...:)

You look so happy there in US, especially in NY ya? I know its a very very nice country to visit, the culture, buildings, fashion are totally different...its an experience that one cant forget. Happy to know that you managed to travel to US, at last!!

Looking at all those Shopaholic pics remind me that I need to take a break for a while. Well, I am planning, and hopefully will get a break that I deserve soon. But before that, I need to focus and work hard, especially starting in the month of May. I dunno whether I can even breathe again!!

Lets start with the company outings that I have to arrange annually, and then the come the company new fiscal year, a new target to plan, focus and achieve, an annual dinner to organize, and OMG, I nearly forgot!! my birthday party in June!! My god, I don't even really need a break!!

Well, lets not talk about workloads for a while, I mean, this blog is for me to relax and unwind, to talk about things I like, not things I hate..hahha..but I like my job also, I like my job, I like my job...(repeatedly)

So, yes youre right, Ms Shopaholic did managed to get the the Jack Spade Tote from NY!!! Yeay!!!! Thank you so much Ms Shopaholic, for all the hassle to find Jack Spade boutique in Warren Street New York! You're the best!! (even though we always quarrel about fashion and brands...:))

But the only down side of it was she unable to get me the Red and Grey coloured tote that I want, instead she get me the same design tote but in Blue and Orange!!

At first, when she posted the pic in Facebook, I was totally skeptical I am able to carry this color. I always go for safe and classical color, never in bright color!! She convinced me that the handsome Jack Spade promoter informed her that it is the most famous color of season and I will never regret it...

On the day when she gave me the bag and I tried a few times at home, my love for that color grew day by day..:). And she's right, S/S 2011 is all about Blue, Orange, Green...:)




 DIOR SS2011


Isnt that great?? Delicious striking color for Spring Summer 2011...very energetic and bold colors...:)

Oh, totally forgot...and presenting Jack Spade Industrial Canvas Dipped Tote in SS2011

With Reen..the Shopaholic...:)

 So, thats about Spring and Summer 2011 and my new tote bag...:). Oh, btw, last week we went to Gucci and the Gucci 500 edition has arrived!! This special limited edition range was being forwarded by the Gucci Creative Director, Frida Giannini.

In celebrations of 150 years of Italian unification and on the occasion of the 90th anniversary of the establishment of the Gucci brand and, Fiat and the Florence-based label present the "500 by Gucci", an important partnership between two brands that have always expressed Italian genius and creativity across the world. 

Isn't it gorgeous???!!!! I really fall in love with the Gucci 500 tote...checked and the price is RM3800...thats very very nice....and my brother must get this for me...for a job done for him...hehehe...,

In the mean time, this will do for me...

Gucci 500 limited edition blackberry search for a perfect phone cover end here....:)

Mr. Fashionista 

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  1. Hi guys, THANKS for sharing these cool stuffs with us. You guys are the queen of fashion!

    I love the Gucci 500 edition, where did you get it from? How do you like it?