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Shopaholic versus Fashionista
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Sunday, April 3, 2011

This year travel plan??

Hi guys!!!!

Its been so long that we haven't update our blog. It seems that Year 2011 was so packed with loads of activities and happenings!! We are soooo busy like Lady Gaga + Kim Kardashian combined! And we really really need a time off!!! Really!!

This time, karaoke wont work for us, this time we need to go somewhere, travel some place, enjoying our time, thinking nothing but fashion fashion and fashion again....and of course enjoying the panoramic views of foreign country...:)

If possible, I would really wanted to complete the whole Fashion Capital of the world..:)

Perhaps my plan should be as follows :-
2009 - London - done
2011 - Paris
2012 - Milan
2013 - Tokyo
2014 - New York

Hopefully the above planning would be feasible within the timeframe..

Well, people says that if you just dream, it will stay as a dream...

In order to make it a reality, one must also visualize whole hardheartedly, and repeat again and again that you are going to all these places.

Only then the universe will work their magic upon your wish...:)

So lets visualize...begin with what are we going to wear for the flights?...mmmmm.

You know, this is the most difficult fashion moments one can experience. I mean, you want to look great when you arrive, waiting in the airport, but you want to feel at utmost comfortable in the 20 hours flight, and then you want to look at your best upon landing and coming out from the plane...

What kind of fashion style can match all that requirement?

I like the black one..:). It look chic and comfy..and gorgeous trousers as well...:) I dont think I would want to wear skinny jeans on a long flight!! The pants must be comfy and not in light colour...and the top should also be a fashionably simple but great if matched with a jacket..:)

So an apparel for long flights should be :-
1- Comfy/ Loose - as you're going to seat in one place for a looooong time..
2- Dark colours - as if there is a turbulance and your fresh orange juice drop, you pants won't have the stain.
3- Long sleeves shirt/ top - so you wont feel cold.
4- Cotton - so it won't wrinkled when you arrive. Stay away from Issey Miyake wrinkled shirt..or you may have a problem in the immigration counter...         

And what to do in Paris??

The new Hermes Store Paris at Rive-Gauche....lets go in....:)

What to buy?

Hermes Togo in Olive....:)

And after that....
we can go around the town in the new Bugatti by Hermes...  

All exterior made by Hermes

So after driving all round town, its nice to come back home at hotel and meet Ms Shopaholic and see what did she bought, but before that perhaps I should take a shower and ease myself...


She's a definite Shopaholic...

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