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Shopaholic versus Fashionista
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Monday, April 11, 2011

Celine Tote Dual Tone Cabas Tote Bag

This year, I was suddenly falling in love with Celine bags!!! Honestly I never pay any attention to this designer before but when Phoebe Philo started to revamp the fashion house, everything became soo fantastic!!

FYI she was appointed to become the Creative Director of Celine in year 2008 by LVMH after succesfully rebranding Chloe.

Just look at her design for Celine....:)   

Celine Boston Tote (in various sizes)

Celine Men's Tote

Celine Cabas
I totally drooling over those Cabas especially when Phoebe came out with these designs... :)

The dual colour just striked my mind!! (maybe its due to my Gemini traits!! haha....)

So of course I asked Ms Shopaholic to come with me to Celine Pavillion KL to checked out the totes....

When we arrived I immediately asked for the bag. Its look good and nice, its made from leather and very very soft ! (its made from Lamb Skin).

The price is alright (I remember its about RM3500 ish). I like it, but there is only 1 problem. It felt tooo soft I think if I carry this bag it will tear down in a minute!!

You know, I have this habit to throw anything that I have in my bag (my BB, Iphone, wallet, car keys, sweets, wax, perfumes etc) and I have doubt that it would be able to support the weight... :(

The other design that Celine has  in Pavillion which has a better and tougher leather cost RM6500 which is waaaay out of my budget. So I walked hesitatingly out from the boutique, of course with Ms Shopaholic.  

So from there Ms Shiopaholic comfort me and advise me that we can buy the same bag in Paris this year which much lesser price, and I quite agree on that notion..

So days goes by as usual until this month where Ms Shopaholic need to go to US to settle some personal matters.

When she asked me if I have anything in my mind to buy, I straight away google designers from America that has a unique fashion style. After a few days, suddenly my eyes popped out when I saw this!!!

It has the same dual tone tote bag that Celine has!!! and the tote bag seems to be very sturdy and masculine!!! I love this bag!!!!! Furthermore, it is a creation of an American designer which is Jack Spade brand, the Man brand opposite Kate Spade which created many many beautiful wonderful gorgeous bags.

And my eyes became even larger when I saw these!!!

 Not only it has dual colors but it also has a strap to make it as a messenger bag!!!!!!! Isn't that practical?? :):)

Without any hesitation I asked Ms Shopaholic to get me one of this bag!! I am sooo excited and I reallly really do hope that she would be able to find me this bag. I choose to buy the grey and red tote bag as above. I never had any red color tote bag and this is perfect for me...:) And the price!!! very very affordable...:)

After going through Jack Spade's design, I think this is a very smart brand. Its fashionable but in the same time practical and affordable. I would recommend anyone to have a look at Jack  Spade'll love it. Its urban and hyped.

But for those in Kuala Lumpur, you can only buy this bag from Singapore, we only have Kate Spade here.    

Therefore I really really hope that Ms Shopaholic will bring back this bag for me....pray for me ok??



  1. I love Celine bags too, they have been pretty fantastic over the past few seasons. :)

    The Cat Hag

  2. Thats true Addie!!! Hopefully I can get one this year...but you had the Chanel...lucky you!!

  3. thanks s...:) and did you get the kenzo dress?? its soo cute...:)

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