Shopaholic versus Fashionista

Shopaholic versus Fashionista
Fight for Fashion!

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Breaking Fast Rules for Fashionable People

Well, well, well... Those pictures posted by Mr. Fashionista are an amusing and expensive proposition for breaking fast during this holy month of Ramadhan. However, it is perfectly acceptable for people like us (PLU) to savor the joy of fine cuisine.

After being with friends for "Buka Puasa", I have experienced bad food, good food and great food. Of course good food and great food will make me happy and those restaurants providing good food will more frequently earn our business. This will make the world better for business owners and consumers alike.

Beside restaurants or hotel buffets, there is also places in KL known as Ramadhan bazaars that provide food for breaking the fast. While these bazaars may sound somehow glamorous or even exotic, these actually are "NOT PLACES FOR PLU". They are dirty, messy and the food is completely disastrous. Beside this, the people at these bazaars are hopelessly unfashionable!

See what I mean?

Just imagine us scurrying through these people everyday just to buy a good "Murtabak" with our PRADA bags... I can't imagine!!

There are a few very simple rules for having a wonderful buka puasa with friends or family:

  • 5-star hotel buffets.
  • Restaurants which accept Visa or Mastercard
  • Restaurants which provide tissues and napkins from IKEA.
  • Restaurants which have suitably expensive (RM50 or up per plate) menus :-)

Do NOT visit-
  • Any restaurant serving Sirap Bandung.
  • Restaurants serving drinks only in paper or plastic cups. It will ruin your day, trust me.
  • Restaurants which only feature ceiling fans for cooling. We constantly need air conditioning so that our make up or hair will not get ruined!
Please follow these rules, and you will have an happy "Buka Puasa". If you disregard this savvy advice, here is what may be in store for you!

..... if you want to be size "0", you can do this after Buka Puasa. heheheh

..... or you can do this

.. and if you can't stop eating all the time, you will end up being this HAPPY.

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