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Shopaholic versus Fashionista
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Sunday, September 5, 2010

Eid Mubarak Fashion Alternatives

In another 1 week we are going to celebrate Eid Mubarak which means victory to those who are able to hinder themselves from all the desire surround them in the month of Ramadhan..:) Now its the week that most of the Muslim prepare themselves by buying new clothes, new things for their house celebrate the victory..

Speaking of preparation, most of the Muslim will be busy buying new clothes like Baju Melayu for male muslim which is traditional Malay costume that is normally worn on the first day....

Since i'm into fashion, of course I will beg to be differ on that day! Furthermore, I am not used to wear the samping', which is kind of messy for me. As a replacement, I would go for a few 'replacement' clothing that still resemble traditional and style for the first day celebration.

Below are my top 3 fashion style for Eid Mubarak..

Nehru Jackets



Modern improvised sherwani..

I think, it is very nice to wear the sherwani's with skinny jeans...its flatters the top and still into the current fashion streams...:)

In overall, Indian fashions are a really nice alternatives to wear on Eid Mubarak, its polite, vibrant of colours, scream fashion and its fun to wear! However, the price for these garments are not cheap. It will be around min RM300 to RM2000!!!. This is all because of the details, linings and handmade craftsmanship. And, on top of that, Sherwani costume would require at least min 1 month booking as it is only handcrafted for you..

Hmmm....Raya will be in another 5 days....

Maybe I should skipped the Sherwani's and try these Indian's inspired John Galliano's SS 2010/11 fashion then.....

Not vibrant enough ya? How bout this?.......

I wonder what Ms Shopaholic will wear on Raya....

Maybe this?

Indian inspired as well yanno!!!!......weheehhe.....

Anyway...Happy Eid Mubarak everyone..wishing you the best festive seasons, loads of relax and nice celebration ever.......and kalau ada salah dan silap tolong maafkan...:)

Mr Fashionista


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